Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Change

Well, it's been a while. I'm not exactly on top of things when it comes to updating my blog. Most likely due to the fact that I currently work three jobs (photo editing, nannying, and my own photography business). But as of right now, I'm deciding to be more productive. I'm going to commit to updating this blog at least once a week, (HUGE step for me), and I'm going to expand the topics on my blog to recipes, crafts, and things that are going on in my life. I changed the blog name to Honey and Brie because I felt it was a bit more grown up than, Recibree's. And also because I LOVE honey with brie cheese and I wanted to be a bit clever since my name is Bree.

 So as a jumping off point for the new layout and style of my blog I'm going to share a bit about myself that many did not know: the reason food and cooking became such an important part of my life. It's not an easy story for me to tell, in fact it's very painful. But I feel the need to share, in case it might help someone else that struggles/has struggled with the same sort of situation.

 Growing up, I didn't exactly eat healthy meals. A lot of McDonald's, hotdogs, chips, canned ravioli, and junk food. I'm not knocking my parents by any means, I loved all of those foods; we just didn't know any different. As a young child, I started experimenting with my canned ravioli, adding cheese on top and baking it in our oven, even making my own 'garlic bread' on wonder bread toast. But as I got older, I went through the typical awkward, pre-teen phase, in which I started to gain weight. The teasing from boys began, as I was nicknamed "fatty" and told I was chubby. The canned ravioli and junk food didn't help. From there I started an unhealthy relationship with food. I thought in order to fit in and lose weight I needed to only eat canned chicken, or cucumbers, or carrots. But then of course, I'd still drink a soda with my meals. So I was restricting my food intake way too much, and supplementing it with sugary drinks and chemicals. My weight fluctuated for the next few years as I got involved in soccer, volleyball, and dance.

 Then college started. After having a rough start and a few more comments about my weight, I began a very unhealthy eating disorder. For five years my life spiraled in and out of a very toxic relationship with food. Sometimes throwing up seven times a day, I started to lose friends and relationships which in turn brought on severe depression (though I hid it fairly well). On top of that, the bulimia caused my face and body to retain water and swell, so my clothes would no longer fit. I began to obsess over food, watching the Food Network all the time, and dreaming of which recipes I'd make next. But as my eating disorder went on, I began to learn how to cook. I found myself wanting to cook meals for friends, so I could watch them enjoy the food while I allowed myself little to none. Studying abroad in Italy taught me so many things about cooking, but it was also a very difficult time for me as I practically ate my way through the country. Food was an escape for me; it became my addiction.

 After years of getting help, going to a nutritionist and therapist, I gradually stepped away from bulimia. I started dating my now husband, (who by the way knew about my eating disorder and accepted me anyway),and my unhealthy issues towards food began to disappear. I stopped constantly obsessing over losing weight, allowing myself to eat 'forbidden foods', and slowing the binging and purging stopped. To my dismay, (and as I was eating whatever I wanted) I began to lose weight without even trying. I starting reading up on health foods: whole grains, vegetables, fruit, and even the potential side effects of eating too much meat and dairy. Over the span of three years I lost about twenty pounds, which may not seem like much, but to me it is (because I was no longer dieting!). I began cooking my favorite recipes, but subbing in healthy alternatives, like brown rice noodles or quinoa noodles in pasta recipes. I filled my plate with more vegetables, tried new ones, and even began snacking on veggies and fruit instead of chips (gasp!).

Food changed me, for the worst and also for the better. I still struggle with my weight and self-esteem. I still have days when I allow what I've eaten to dictate how I feel about myself. I'm not sure why (because it's crazy!), but I know in my head that it's nonsense. I know that it's possible for anyone out there suffering with some sort of obsession with food to be healed. And that doesn't necessarily mean losing weight, but feeling confident and being healthy. I know that my God helped see me through this storm and held my hand the whole way, though at times I was angry and bitter. I wanted to feel loved by people, but I realized that the love from God can surpass any love from a human. So with my story told, you now know the reason why I eat what I eat.

I enjoy food all types, thoroughly. But I also enjoy putting nutrients in my body. As a result, some of my recipes are decadent, while others are healthy. And sometimes, I mix the two and create a happy-medium of healthy but decadent (which often results in making up my own recipes). I enjoy trying vegan, vegetarian, and full-fat-unbutton-your-pants recipes. I also make it a personal goal of mine to change the way my husband eats (used to be only macaroni, pizza, and cheese burgers but now he loves quinoa, tomatoes, and brussels sprouts! That's huge for those of you who don't know him). I want to be able to show people that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle with a few changes in your diet, but that you don't have to restrict yourselves every day. Hopefully, maybe, I will be able to help someone else out there who is struggling with their weight, self-esteem, or an eating disorder so that they might once again have a healthy view of life.


  1. Love this post and your honesty! Self esteem and weight loss have been a huge struggle of mine since having kyler and trying to lose the weight i gained during pregnancy (which was much more than i should have!) I have found myself feeling a lot of the ways you described and letting it dictate my mood for the day depending on wether i ate well or didn't. I also found myself weighing myself several times a day and becoming miserable when i saw the weight fluctuating all the time. When i hit the 6 month mark and still had not been where i wanted to be i decided to pack the scale away and just give it over to God and let the stress of it go because it was stealing all my joy. Since doing that i have been so much happier and the weight has been coming off much quicker ! I still have days were it really gets to me (like after thanksgiving haha) but I'm choosing not to obsess over it anymore and just eat healthy and enjoy life! I'm glad your going to be blogging more I'm looking forward to reading it!

  2. love you bree bee! so excited for your new blog and all your recipes!

  3. loved your story & honesty ! I am so excited about your new blog updates & recipe's !! Happy for you !

  4. Bree Bee! I just caught up with your blog posts on here. Thank you for sharing your story, I am so proud of you!

  5. Wow, how brave of you! I was looking for gluten free recipes to "pin", and found this post. And to think, I had NO CLUE. I have always thought you are beautiful! It's so easy to tell that to someone else but I have the HARDEST time saying that to myself. Ever since my first pregnancy, I've been on the constant yo-yo. I am SO glad that I've finally decided that I (I would put that "I" in bold letters if I could) am the one in control of my health. If I want to feel good, I need to put only (or at least MOSTLY) good things in my body. I haven't felt this good in ten years, just being gluten free for three months and cutting out a few other things. It makes me feel like we really are what we eat. I never knew healing could come through food. So proud of you Bree! Love you!


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