Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Week In Photos

I scored these cute booties at H & M for $20!!! What a steal. I also finally got this sweater in the mail, after having ordered it over three weeks ago. Still worth it.

I enjoyed my morning coffee/quiet time (I gave up tv for lent) while my boy decided he wanted to run away from home and over to the neighbors house.

Italian inspired lunch and dinner--leftover pesto pasta and polenta with roasted balsamic veggies. I seriously could not live without Italian food.

He's the cutest, how could you resist a head tilt like that?! Meanwhile, I made homemade pasta and enjoyed the extra hour of sunlight. Best time of the year.

I enjoyed brunch at home, alone, and my brother and his fiance came over for dinner. My brother is on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet due to stomach issues so I made greek chicken kabobs and greek quinoa salad for dinner.

Brett and I went on an unplanned date night! I was doing a workout on the floor at home and in walked Brett at 5 o'clock (he's normally off at 7:00), and I just about peed myself in terror. Having someone walk into your house without notice is quite terrifying if you're an anxiety ridden human being like I am. But it was perfect because we were actually able to make it to a happy hour where we polished a huge plate of nachos, followed up by a visit to Bottlecraft.


  1. David did the same thing to me twice this week! Thursday night he came home an hour early from school and i had my head phones in and turn around and there he was ! I nearly jumped out of my skin i was so scared haha than he did it again yesterday ! Anyways your week looks lovely! i am loving that you added weekly photos to your blog!

    1. Oh my gosh, it sounds silly to be scared so easily, but if you're used to being home alone all day and all of a sudden your front door opens and someone walks in, it's scary! Normally he calls before he comes home but he wanted to surprise me, haha.

      And thanks! I figured I should probably figure out something else to post besides recipes because I might run out of recipe ideas after a while!

  2. loved this !

  3. Love love love that sweater! And I whole heartedly agree with the surprise house intrusions lol my fiance finds a twisted pleasure in sneaking into the house and scaring me, just to see what I'll do! It's awful!!


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