Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Week In Photos

This week we had a friend working down here from Long Beach so we went out and played bocce ball at the park, considering it was 75 degrees out! Man, I'm lucky to live in San Diego.


This is the little one I nanny for, I just love her.


Lucky and I watched my husband Brett skate in our alley. Not too exciting.

We finally attempted to make our own headboard after months of putting it off. This is the first project we've ever done together, and probably our last. I'm a bit too laid back when it comes to projects, and Brett's a bit too specific. i.e. we went to Home Depot without knowing the dimensions of our bed (my bad, I was just too excited).

It turned out pretty great nonetheless, and was relatively cheap. We made the entire thing for less than $50, including stain and hardware. I got those antlers two years ago at a thrift store in Morro Bay and I've loved them ever since.

I made "healthy" broccoli cheese soup and ate it for lunch all week last week. I say "healthy" in quotes because I still added cheese. I can't live without cheese. Recipe to come, soon.


  1. Those antlers are perfect! I have been searching for some for a long time and never find any!

  2. love those antlers + cheese . can't wait for this recipe


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