Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Brunch

Today my boyfriend and I miraculously BOTH had the day off, so we decided to start the day off right with brunch and mimosas. He came over around noon (late start) and we made breakfast together; hash browns, buttermilk pancakes, buttermilk biscuits, and eggs (for me). It was delicious. Sadly I didn't have the time to make the biscuits and pancakes from scratch (I opted out with Trader Joe's Buttermilk Pancake Mix) but I added a few changes of my own. To the pancake mix I added a teaspoon of vanilla and one splenda packet. I also used milk instead of water, because let's be honest, everything is better with milk. After cooking the pancakes I cut them into heart shapes with a knife (for Valentine's Day!), because I don't have a cookie cutter big enough for pancakes. I was shocked at how restaurant-like the pancakes tasted. I honestly have never tried that pancake mix before, I usually do whole wheat, but it was delicious and WAY better than bisquick! I highly recommend it! I also made the biscuits with the same mix, but added a bit more butter and changed the serving size. All in all, it was a cute and fun way to start the day (afternoon more like).

No recipes today, because it's pretty self explanatory. It's more of an "idea" post. However I do have one little tip for the best scrambled eggs you'll ever make. My roommates once commented on my eggs (apparently they're fluffy?) however, I never really noticed, but here's my little secret...add a dash of water, and whisk before adding to the pan. It makes them fluffy and perfect. Keep the flame on medium to medium low, and don't move them around TOO much, you don't want a bunch of pea-sized pieces. Haha some of you might be thinking, EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS THAT! But I'm hoping that maybe that tip is helping somebody out there reach their goal of creating perfectly fluffy eggs! Hey, a girl can dream.

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  1. Thanks to you, I now found the secret to fluffy eggs! Its a good thing your my roommate!


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