Saturday, March 23, 2013

My Week In Photos

I attempted to do a messy-braid pin up. Looked cool from behind, but wasn't my cup of tea. I keep trying to do the whole braided up-do thing and it doesn't quite look right on me. But maybe it's one of those things like lipstick, you just have to get used to it.

I also got the newest issue of Self in the mail with my favorite person ever on the cover. I can't wait to get her new cookbook, already pre-ordered in through Target.

I surprised my mom at Disneyland this week. She was going for her birthday and I had told her I couldn't make it. Then when she got to her hotel I jumped out from behind a car. My Nana, two cousins, and my aunt also went.

Kiddy rides, because I'm afraid of roller coasters. Yes, I'm twenty seven.

Some old men we walked by said I looked fifteen. I don't blame them for thinking that, unfortunately.

Fun fact, I'm half mexican. The proof is in my mexican Nana.

I was only at Disneyland for two days before coming back to San Diego. I experimented with zucchini bread made with coconut flour, recipe to come.

I'm also a part of a cooking club, that takes place once a week, with a bunch of girls I went to college with. Our theme this month was breakfast for dinner and our host, Julie, had a super cute set up.


  1. love the braid! I felt the same way about hats- definitely took time to get used to them-- and now I love them :)

  2. love your week. can't wait for recipe .


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